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Yesterday at 17:50 »
RT @MarkAshleyD :
@MarkAshleyD : Imagine @HackneyAbbott got crucified for drinking a tinnie on a train, but it’s ok for Tory MPs to be arrested for… .
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Yesterday at 13:54 »
"your DNA is unique to you"Wow, what a surprise! D'oh. .
@k_d85 : Wow, this sound excellent.....oh.
Yesterday at 13:49 »
RT @callmegplease :
@callmegplease : @itsPKav I had a cis man explain queer relationships to me, as I, a raging queer, sat in front of him. He was tryin… .
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Yesterday at 13:35 »
Seems odd that a Tory can't recognise that these aren't "identical". Or maybe not.
@DanielJellyman : Hmm. Maybe @the_tpa isn’t the best to take money saving tips from. Three letters, all identical, sent to the same a… .
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Yesterday at 12:21 »
@christopherward I've never understood the why of adverts which say "not game footage" - then WHY???
Yesterday at 12:19 »
@matto31415 @howard__tam @jc_stubbs No, but if they repeat those word & sentence styles elsewhere then they might be easier to track down.
Yesterday at 11:52 »
"serves 4-6 people" ahuh. 😌
@InsiderFood : This burger weighs 2 kilograms (almost 4.5 pounds)! 🍔