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2013-02-09 - 19:37:00 - by AlisonW - Topic: Personal: Family |

Finally back in Highgate again after being at my mum's since mid-December. Original idea had been to come back the day after Boxing Day so as to meet up with people, but was pressured to stay on as she was hurting a lot (she's been waiting for a replacement of her hip replacement - ie. a 'revision' - since the summer) and so I did my daughterly duty and stayed.

Then I was going to return on Jan 2nd, but on the night of the first I'm in my bedroom watching tv and pootling around online when I hear noises from her room. At first I just think it is her tv but then realise my name is being called repeatedly, so I start to open her door only to find her lying on the floor behind it. Carefully getting in she's stretched out but bent, so I check her over for anything broken, also checking her blood sugar and blood pressure. During this time she is still calling for me, clearly not recognising me. So eventually I decide to move her a little and prop her up against her bed but still on the floor whilst I check her out. Bleeding grazes on her forehead but nothing else. She, naturally, won't hear of me calling a paramedic / ambulance, so I have to look after her a while longer while carefully getting her up and into bed.

Thankfully, about an hour later, she agrees with me (hallelujah!) that 'maybe' someone should come check her over, and 999 is dialled rapidly. A car-based paramedic arrives some 15 minutes later and checks her over. He agrees with me that there doesn't appear to be anything serious but that getting her to a+e makes sense. Rather than wait ages for an actual ambulance he suggests I get her into a car and drive her there, which I do. He reckons it should only need us to be there an hour or two.

:: snipped cos it is not an hour or two and you don't want the whole disaster ::

Eleven days later I'm finally able to collect her (there was nothing actually 'wrong' due to her slipping and falling but the hospital decided to have fun changing all her medications) and I'm still at her place having visited her almost every day and now need to look after her again. Carers were arranged but repeatedly failed to appear, hence my staying.

Then, a few more days later it is time for her to go into hospital *again*, this time for the pre-planned-but-postponed operation from last September (which was delayed because she was/is anaemic). More visits every day and then getting her home. Different carers now, and this time they are good. Good enough that I was going to return to London a week ago. But now she twists my arm that she is too worried at might to be alone, so I'm 'persuaded' to stay on - again.

On Thursday I suddenly decided I was coming home, and did. I completely failed to go food shopping though so ordered in that night and was going to do so again tonight but then read the reviews and decided not to. A search in the freezer found some chips and they are nearly ready to come out of the oven.

The real problem with being there for so long is that I soooo need to decompress. I have to 'stay strong' to look after my mum and this really takes its toll, such that I haven't been able to get out to shop, or take the rubbish out, or do anything really. And it isn't helping that I've received the dreaded "We're taking you off of Income Support + Disability premium and you'll have to apply for ESA instead" letter and form. I've got a couple of weeks until it is due though so it should get done.

I've also got another two visits of my own to hospitals next week; one to the pain management team, the other (diff hosp) to get needles (plural) stuck into my neck for stuff to be injected. I've never been certain exactly what the 'stuff' is, even though I've been having these injections for six years or so, but I think it is steroids and maybe a pain killer. Hopefully they mean my head won't fall off in the near future.

but … meep.

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