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A Future in Europe
2017-07-01 @ 15:41:30
I am, and will always remain, a firm believer in what used to be termed "The European Project" ie a …

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@__fc I ❤️ Bauhaus design and ethos. I should probably thank my headmaster for it.
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@MrTimDunn I recognise the other three but what's top right please?
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❤️❤️❤️ .
@BauhausMovement : The #circle, the most elementary of forms, had symbolic, #cosmic significance. Discover Wassily #Kandinsky…
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@rupertg Another #LockdownUK trip can be to pick a journey to somewhere you've always wanted to visit and use Googl…
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@michellerudek: @BootstrapCook Hey Jack! I have lots of porridge oats, a bottle of honey and a jar of apple sauce, could I poss mak… .
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Forget "Six degrees of separation", now is the time forSIX FEET of separation.One way or the other, it must happe…
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@ParkerMolloy @crankypatriot #DumpTrump #DumpTrumpNow