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@RealSexyCyborg @DimensionofDick @ipvkyte Am i right in recalling something about it depends where (geographically)…
Today at 14:02 »
@Beeron1030 @Alex4CandA Don't bother with the fool. Just a right-wing idiot trying to appeal to the masses who will…
Today at 12:17 »
I've no interest in football but this is a really interesting read.
@gdnlongread : They used to look like quagmires, ice rinks or dustbowls, depending on the time of year. But as big money entered f…
Today at 12:16 »
@NoContextBrits I'm now wondering about long ice cubes. 🙄
Today at 11:25 »
@davidgerard Isn't this just a guy at the roulette table asking for a loan to gamble away your money? Why would any…
Today at 11:17 »
@SebastianEPayne Lie.
Yesterday at 23:31 »
I need a green-red stripe. I'm fully vaccinated but I'm not risking anything.
@drmuig :