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Every so often I get asked some questions by Yougov. And at the moment I'm filling in a survey for them which has asked the question "Which is your favourite type of cuisine?"

Though the choices offered were wide-ranging — Caribbean, Turkish, Chinese, Mexican, British, Spanish, Vegetarian, Japanese, American, Malaysian, Lebanese, Indian, Persian, Greek, Thai, French, South American, Italian and Other — the very concept of selecting just one to represent my tastes is an impossible task; all have their esteemed place in my choices.

In the end I selected Japanese through my love of sashimi, but I'll likely have Thai tonight and an Indian tomorrow …
21-Nov-2010 12:13 · 2 Comments ·
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  1. Hi Alison, I would have had the same problems when answering the question. These days it is hard to tell exactly what kind of cuisine it is as there is more and more fusion going on which makes it very interesting. What about german food, do you like it?

    Franz on
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    Love it! The list I was offered to select from was, unsurprisingly, restrictive so didn't include such options, but I regularly have fresh bratwurst and other choice delicacies and a fond memory is walking around the food floor at KaDeWe some years ago.

    Alison Wheeler on

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